China Wins E3

Last night the internet was alight with Sony’s targeted trouncing of the Microsoft X-Bone. But no matter whether you prefer the unique x86-64 cores of the Xbone, or the distinctive x86-64 architecture of the PS4, one fact is clear: neither detonates three hundred tons of rocket propellant to put people into space. Meaning both suck compared to the Shenzhou-10 which launched last night while everyone was arguing.

Shenzhou-10 launch

“We’d love to stay and argue about DRM but we’re GOING TO SPAAAAACE!” (Xinhua/Wang Jianmin via

 Some commenters praised the PS4’s relatively less insane price, seemingly unbothered by how it wasn’t elevating three people to a literal Heavenly Palace (Tiangong-1) made of human ingenuity incarnate. Others adulated how the lack of DRM generously granted players the basic consumer rights they hadn’t even known were up for debate until recently, meaning the console would be even better at keeping people motionless and not advancing the entire species, unlike the three spacenauts at this second escaping all the inconceivably tedious conflicts raging on the Earth’s surface. 

Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping are scheduled to spend two weeks testing docking technologies with the orbiting space laboratory, working towards the construction of a permanent space station, and proving that most “geek” news sites are unworthy of the word.

BBC: Shenzhou-10: China launches next manned space mission

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