Nuclear Genital Legislation

A race of robots where the “A” gender’s genitals are a barely sub-critical chunk of uranium, while the “B” gender has a control rod.

A cloned dystopia where viable genetic material is used to vote for and then create hybrid representatives.

A retired cyborg-warrior race whose penii still fire armor piercing ammunition due to a workplace sexual harassment loophole in the decommissioning process.

A misspelling of the fundamental laws of physics causes colliding hardons to disintegrate in showers of high energy particles.

Increased solar UV radiation causes women to grow unprecedented Tanner X pubic hair, a highly flammable substance ignited by rubbing against another such thatch.

Sorry, just trying to think of a situation where it’s ever even remotely the government’s business who people have sex with.

For more sexnanigans, I’ve got The 6 Geekiest Sex Toys and The 7 Most Terrifying Sex Toys Ever Patented. And would love to share both with you all night long.

One thought on “Nuclear Genital Legislation

  1. How about a world in which deadly STD’s are rampant and plague millions? Oh wait, that’s the real world, sorry.

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