The Other Half Of The Internet’s Worst Nerd Comment

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one is worth every hateful internet comment ever written. Which adds up to less than a thousand real words, obviously, but is still an impressive feat of online image compression.


An idiot posted that a while ago, and was immediately obliterated by the entire comics internet. But they only exposed half of his idiocy. The obvious imbecility is that the brilliant Dayna Scodras there isn’t a gender-swapped steampunk Joker with a Willy Wonka hat. She’s Duela Dent, established DC character and printed proof that this asshole is trying to keep a woman out of comics that she knows better than him.


And honestly, the picture looks like a copy of the costume rather than the other way round.

The second half of the problem is that even if that hadn’t been Duela Dent, he’d still be wrong. There’s no such thing as “trying too hard” at the act of creation. That’s an insult used by the lazy to defend doing nothing.

Gender-swapping a steampunk Joker and giving her a Willy Wonka hat would be brilliant! I’d be happier if they gender-swapped half the DC universe. Not just the guys, because they do have a lot of ladies, but just randomly swapping 50% of the characters and they’re not allowed to alter the resulting costumes, only altering them to fit. You’re going to have a lot of guys wondering where their pants went, a lot of girls in extremely cool costumes, and if there’s any justice in the world Batman would be rocking the Black Canary fishnets. (He’s already best at everything, those leathers and legs would have him utterly dominating the underworld in every way you’d like it.)

In fact, gender-swapping someone and giving her a Willy Wonka would be better than most comics, because it would mean turning someone into a girl and then giving her more clothes. Which never happens.

Steampunk Joker? Kick-ass! That’s what alternate universes are meant to be for! Imagining adventures, excusing single-premise scenes, and generally escaping the absolute continuity of a blockbuster title to have some fun! Instead they’ve become an impossibly tangled web of continuity bullshit. It got so bad DC reset their entire universe, again, and the first crossover event was still an incestuous tangle between triplicates of the same characters having the worst threesome ever. When the super secret villain of your first big story is the evil alternate of Batman’s butler, you suck.

In fairness, he does have a British accent.

In fairness, he does have a British accent.

And when you dress that evil Alfred up as the Joker anyway, you’re so allergic to new ideas that even your clones need to rip off multiple characters simultaneously.

"Rarr, I'm a credible threat!"

“I’m a credible threat, rarr!”

Which brings us back to the poster’s imagined complaint: he thinks designing and crafting an excellent costume and applying perfect makeup is too much effort, but meming some ascii all over someone else’s picture is just right. Memes are guns: there are a few extraordinary circumstances where they’ve been used admirably, but they’re generally horrible things enabling anyone to ruin things with a ridiculous minimum of effort.

This poster enforces a standard where any exceptional effort is punished, where any untoward ability or excitement beyond the normal must be isolated and mocked. Which means he’s not even a stereotypical asshole nerd: he’s the stereotypical asshole jock.

Enjoy more comic costumery with The 5 Most Ridiculously Sexist Superhero Costumes,and the resulting evisceration of assholes in The 8 Stupidest Defenses Against Accusations Of Sexism.

8 thoughts on “The Other Half Of The Internet’s Worst Nerd Comment

  1. Reblogged this on Association of Me and commented:
    This is such a good point. Creativity doesn’t have limits, except like, don’t kill people to make your thing. That’s kinda just a given though. I’m not even a nerd, or a cosplayer, but holy crap, people shouldn’t be putting up with so much crap because they choose to play around with the idea of the character and do great things with it.

  2. Every time I hear, “Jeez, they have too much time on their hands!”, I want to go to their house and sledgehammer their television.

  3. This was such a hard burn my computer exploded.

  4. Even if it WAS a genderswapped Steampunk Joker with a willy wonka hat, she’d still be flipping rockin

  5. Thank you for a thoughtful post. It makes me happy that “the internet” thinks comments like those aren’t acceptable. I wonder if people would still react with the outrage if the costume were more homemade, or the costume maker less famous. I hope so!

  6. Thank you for the thoughtful post. It makes me happy that many people told the “worst commenter” to stop. I wonder if the outrage were as great if the costume maker were less famous, or the costume more homely. I hope so!

  7. The guy is an asshat, but you’re taking the pic too seriously. Trying to hard to get some?

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