Germany Takes Pride In Its Sochi Olympic Uniforms

I love how the German Sochi Olympic uniform is skating as close to the rainbow as they can.

(Image source: Reuters/Ina Fassbender at this article)

(Image source: Reuters/Ina Fassbender via this article)

They’ve judged it perfectly: leaving out the purple so that it isn’t exactly a Pride flag, and Russian authorities will look ridiculously insecure if they make a protest, but absolutely being a Pride flag and absolutely being a protest. They even have the excuse of the Munchen ’72 visual style for all those wonderful bright colors.


In this world of internet-image consciousness there’s no way it’s accidental. Even if the first draft did include the crazy color combinations by accident, someone on the national Olympic review committee would have asked  “Doesn’t that look gay?”, and gosh, wouldn’t you know it, a group made entirely of fashion designers and ice skaters sort of knew that already and were calculating exactly what percentage of homosexuality they could send to screw with Vladimir Putin’s hateful legislation.

They’re saying it’s nothing to do with protesting the Russian government’s draconian idiocy, sorry, “homophobia”, but of course they’re saying that just to get away with it. To get away with not just flying but actually being a Pride flag on the Olympic stage. 

More Olympic pride with Putin’s Sochi Sexuality Defense Tips.

Read 5 Reasons Homophobia Is Unmanly at CBS, and the bonus 6th Reason Homophobia Is Unmanly I wasn’t allowed to print.

6 thoughts on “Germany Takes Pride In Its Sochi Olympic Uniforms

  1. I wish I could believe that.

  2. As a Dutch man, I think I’m legally required to frown and frump at anything Germany does. It might be in our national anthem somewhere, I don’t know? But god damnit if this isn’t leagues more amazing than our government’s half-assed wishy-washy ‘stern look of disapproval’ policy.

  3. It’s pretty tough to “actually BE a pride flag” if the person waving it can’t (or won’t) publicly admit to doing so.

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