Inspector Terrible

Police tape marks off an alley stinking in the sunlight. Forensic officers crouch around the body as the hardbitten detective looks down.

Inspector Terrible: “Victim was a card sharp working out of the poker place round the corner. Two bullets to the heart, both passing through the center of an ace of hearts in his shirt pocket. Deck of cards scattered around alley during scuffle before shooting. I guess you could say he was …”

… Inspector Terrible put on his sunglasses …

“… shot to death.”

It really was rather bright.

Captain Volume: You’ve got a new partner, Terrible, she’s black, she’s fresh out of the academy, and she’s got a degree.

T: That’s great. I’ve often felt our department was rather middle-age male monotone. And I’m sure her education in the latest techniques will help in the field.

Terrible hurriedly knocks various files and papers from the shotgun seat of his car to make room for Officer Opposite.

T: Sorry, I’m not used to having a partner since what happened with Nielsen.

O: Your last partner? What happened?

T: Oh, her husband got a great new job in New York. They transferred.

Captain Volume: You’re off the case, Terrible!

T: If that’s the way you want it, sir.

Terrible marches out of Captain’s office to duty sergeant’s desk.

T: Captain’s taken me off the Guiltiparti case. I think I’ll work that shoplifting ring.

Guiltiparti: I’m not gonna say nothin’, you get me? You got nothin’!

Terrible: Well if that’s the way you want it …

Terrible leans across and turns off the interview tape machine. Stands up, puts on his coat.

Terrible: Better let him go guys, he’s right.

Captain Volume: This is no time for a loose cannon! You’re on paid leave, you get me?

T: I get you.

Terrible buys an Xbox on the way home and spends the next month is his pajamas playing Grand Theft Auto.

Enjoy more criminal cation in The Murder, or enjoy the adventures of Ambassador Alana.

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