European Parliament Election Choices

A summary of my options when voting for European MEPs yesterday:

  • The bastards selling off the health service
  • The bastards who went to war
  • The bastards who’ll do whatever the other bastards say just to sit on the other side of a hall
  • Racist bastards
  • More racist bastards
  • Even more racist bastards, to the point where they name their party after hating foreigners
  • This is actually a wonderful self-limiting factor of their urge to break with other organizations that would help them – if every one of these anti-immigration nutbars insists on forming their own party, they’ll all get exactly one vote and never achieve any power
  • I swear to god there was yet another “Everyone out of my country!” party with just one candidate and organizer. Honestly, if UKIP aren’t hateful enough for you, I’m glad you’re taking the effort to alert the community to your existence and name.
  • The “We think the word environmentalism means travelling backwards in time” party.
  • “We believe in peace, equality, and aha, you thought you found someone to vote for, but we also believe in reversing the flow of time, despite that making the first two considerably less possible” party.

Every election should have a “none of the above” option. When Richard Pryor can provide better options without even swearing there may be room for improvement.

One thought on “European Parliament Election Choices

  1. Did you see the Britain First Part political broadcast? It was disgusting, almost like a spoof of racist attitudes

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