The Spy With 29 Names


  • Paul
  • Billy
  • BondJamesBondYesReallyNoImNotASpy
  • Jimbo
  • Jack
  • Jacques
  • Jacqueline (deep cover)
  • Jax (with cyborg arms and fatality)
  • Aloysius
  • Peregrine Q Whimplethumper the third
  • Captain Spyguy
  • Slam Bulkhead
  • YouMustBeThinkingOfMyBrother
  • NoIJustLookALotLikeHim
  • The Queen
  • Banksy
  • The Nameless One (extremely false, excellent spycraft)
  • Elvis Presley (an unremarkable name at the time)
  • C’thulhu (an extremely remarkable name at any time, and yea, past time and through time to the shadowed deaths beyond)
  • Michael Ellis Week
  • Smoke Monster (more disappointing than mysterious)
  • Doomguy
  • Sigerson
  • Sigerdaughter
  • Sigercousin
  • Sigercommitedtomorenamesthaneasilyimagined
  • Bob
  • Legion O’Thatstakendamn
  • Hisnameislegionwould McAmuchbettertitle
  • That guy in the book whose title sounds less impressively espionagey than perhaps was intended.


One thought on “The Spy With 29 Names

  1. I once knew a Bond, James Bond, who really wasn’t a spy.

    Or maybe he was, and was just really good?

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