That’s What She Said

  • That’s what she said
  • That’s what he feared
  • That’s why the judge denied bail
  • That’s why beasts fear me.
  • Yoda said that’s what.
  • That’s what we use as a pronoun.
  • That’s what was prophecied. You are the chosen one! >fall to knees, start clutching at the hem of their clothes<
  • That’s a sin in most established religions. No, seriously. I know! So crazy.
  • That’s how my uncle died.
  • That’s why I limp.
  • That’s when we strike.
  • Bats got sheep head. Vampire bats. Terrible business. Haven’t eaten lamb since.
  • That’s what happens when you try to repress the single most overriding impulse in (and responsible for) an entire species, the desperate sexthoughts bubble out of the cracks in any conversation and even these desperate confessions are hidden under the camouflage blanket of humor.

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