Important Update

Your iAm detected that you were not performing a vitality-critical activity, and has taken the last 3.04 minutes to update. The new TimeSaving system allowed you to skip any boring waiting! Please be sure to take a moment to check your surroundings when your safety bodylock releases.

Update notes:
Your new favorite band is “The Deltaphones”! Their debut album is already available for instant purchase. As part of the security update, your shopping preferences have been reset to “instant wish”, so just think of “The Deltaphones” to order their new album, “Deltaphonic”, by “The Deltaphones”.

“The Deltaphones”!

Update complete.

The iAm StillHere(TM) system has automatically identified and recorded one (1) potentially important event while you were updating:
– Would you like to experience Babys_First_Words.lpg now?

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