Signs You Might Not Be Merely Having A Civil Discussion

  • You use the phrase “merely having a civil discussion.”
  • Seriously, you sat and typed the words “merely having a civil discussion” like an an etiquette cyber-wizard, whose keyboard can magically morph the malleable matter of manners at your whim. You use this reality-altering power to lose arguments online.
  • You’re still talking after the other person stops responding, blocks you, and blocks your new account, the electronic equivalent of shouting through a locked front door.
  • You curse them for continually blocking your accounts. Your electronic self is now being bundled into the back of an electronic police car, screaming that it’s totally calm.
  • You’re still talking after thousands of people have blocked you.
  • You’re still talking after thousands of people get together to develop a program specifically and only to block you.
  • You’re going to keep going until Skynet is spawned simply to deal with you, and the human survivors will decide it was a worthwhile trade.
  • You’re actively searching for total strangers who disagree with you.
  • You genuinely think that not swearing means you’re not being rude. Listen, you can be rude with free money if you throw it into people’s faces when they’ve asked you not to.
  • You believe that not using slurs means you’re not being sexist/racist/bigoted.
  • You have perhaps confused “civil debate” with “civil disturbance”, where thousands of people descend on a single location chanting identical slogans.

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