deathwatch friends smaller

The One where the Ultramarine and Space Wolf Annoy Each Other

The One where an activation rune is thumbed

The One where stealth works until exactly halfway through the mission

The One where the Dark Angel does something incredibly suspicious to avert suspicion

The One where the Inquisitor makes things a million times harder than necessary

The One where the Ultramarine and Space Wolf exchange grudging respect with stern nods

The One where the Imperial fist is a real prick about it

The One where an Iron Hand demonstrates the superiority of transhuman intellect boosted by the blessings of the Omnissiah by pretending they don’t know what a joke is

The One where we wonder what kind of idiot puts a Salamander on mission-focused squad which outputs more collateral damage than carbon dioxide

The One where an unstoppable and uncountable horde has one extremely stoppable and countable (1) weak point

The One where the teleport homer needs a few minutes

The One where someone casts aside a priceless bolter because once you run out of ammunition there’s no more anywhere else in the galaxy

The One where the Ultramarine and Space Wolf just kiss already

Enjoy more Warhammer 40K fun!

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