A Marriage Proposal

It is a melancholy object to those who walk through our towns or travel our country, when they people being happy, and are tormented by the knowledge that some of those people might be happy with others of their own gender. There’s no actual way to tell these people apart, what with them all being […]

Irish Marriage Equality: Fixing the No Posters

The No campaign used their latest poster to piss all over single parents and orphans as well as gay couples, because pissing on disadvantaged groups is their entire and only deal. Which is why I fixed it for them. More Irish updates: Ireland’s Abortion Laws Announced As Plot Of Next Saw Movie Other Embarrassing Payments by RTÉ more

Marriage Restriction And Other Religious Parasites

In the long term marriage equality is guaranteed. Because everyone campaigning for marriage restriction has to start by revealing that they’re a soulless monster. Their position has to begin by redefining marriage as something it makes sense to restrict, and to frame that redefinition they must ask “What is marriage for?” Imagine not knowing that. […]

Star Trek: Superior, Series 1

This was too much fun not to collect. @lukemckinney Also Geordi LaForge with heavier augments, Thomas Riker as Chief of voluntarily self-transporter-cloned security force. — Luke McKinney (@lukemckinney) July 24, 2015 I did mention that the Defiant-B’s bartender was Guinan, right? — Luke McKinney (@lukemckinney) July 24, 2015 (thanks to @rex4711 for the transporter-Riker reminder) […]

BREAKING NEWS: Iona Institute Melting

As incoming referendum results reveal a landslide victory for marriage equality, bystanders reports that the Iona Institute is collapsing into itself in clouds of toxic vapour. David Quinn was seen staggering into the street, pink skin-paint sloughing off to reveal a villainous green, screeching “I’M MELTING!” as he collapsed into a puddle. Professor Stuaim was […]

Catholic Bishops Reassure No Voters: ” This Time We Won’t Look Like Backwards Idiots”

Letters from Catholic bishops are being read at masses assuring No voters that — unlike all previous cases of the Church opposing progress — this time they wouldn’t look like backwards idiots trying to keep an entire country in the Dark Ages. The Archbishop of Dublin told reporters “In the past the Church has opposed […]

Ireland’s No Voters Start Campaigning Against Electricity

The group leading the No campaign in the Marriage Equality referendum today announced that they will also be voting to ban electricity. “Far too many people are enjoying electricity in ways we don’t understand or appreciate,” said spokesperson Fuath Dúr, by the light of a whale-blubber lantern she held aloft in a darkened conference room. […]