I have three degrees in physics, six years of freelancing experience, and still can’t believe how awesome it is to do this for a living.

I am always available for hire or interesting news. You can contact me at contact (a t) lukemckinney.org

My column at Cracked.com, America’s leading comedy site, where I’m the resident science enjoyer and was once a professional laser consultant for a dick joke specialist.


My CBS column is about video games, drink, and everything else that makes life worthwhile.


Game Gavel are all about paying people for video games, so they pay me to talk about video games.


They’ve since levelled up into full gaming magazine RETRO, where I’m columnist for fun from the past with the Retro High 5.





I’ve also written for 604Republic, the Smart Life Blog, ZUG (now expired), Guyism, Asylum, Movieline, Gamespy, GamesRadar, the Daily Galaxy, Blorge, Dial-a-phone, and many more.

In the wonderful world of dead trees I talk about beer, contributing to TAPS magazine, CHILL, and the Beer magazine.





My favorite things are science and writing, so I make my living by reading about science and writing. I am extremely happy.

I’m an Irishman living in Oxford with my wife (the beautiful Dr X) and two cats: Neutrino, who was a tiny chirp in a huge cat container when we got him, and Striker, who was named by the eight year old boy of the family he used to belong to.

Most of my happy home life, including a wife too smart to put her face online.

Most of my happy home life, including a wife too smart to put her face online.

It’s getting harder to tell my life and work apart, and less necessary, so that’s good. Both involve drinks, video games, friends and fun.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. I want to be like you but a hot asian girl with big tits.

  2. scandalousmuffin is a freak heh, still it made me chuckle.. Does that make me a bad person ya think? Anyway, I just found a column of yours today and must say I enjoy your style of writing. You manage to combine witticism with a changing point of view smack dab between first and second. I find this tends to keep the audience in the perfect state of learning, and enjoying. Keep up the good work dude!

  3. Hey Luke, I’m an idiot when it comes to science so I’m hoping i can learn everything here! Fantastic site!

  4. you said you’re from an irish border county. i’m from a border county. we might be cousins.

  5. Hi Luke! I really enjoy your writing on Cracked and a lot of your other columns! I’m actually currently studying at Keble College in Oxford so, connections!

    Anyway, keep on keeping on! Thanks for making me laugh.

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