Getting paid to be funny is pretty funny

Not everything fits in any of the other categories. If everything did it would get boring.


The Craziest Consensual Sex Criminals

The Craziest Things People Do With Sex Dolls

The 7 Stupidest Ways We’re Promoting Abstinence

The 7 Most Terrifying Sex Toys Ever Patented

The 6 Geekiest Sex Toys

The 7 Creepiest Inventions Ever Patented For The Crotch

The 7 Craziest Boob Inventions

The 7 Most Terrifying Sex Toys Ever Patented

World News

The Pope’s Last Day Of Work

The 5 Shadiest Exploits Of The World’s Craziest Politician

7 Reasons Vladimir Putin Is The World’s Craziest Badass

8 Hilariously Insane Examples Of Vladimir Putin Propaganda

The 8 Most Shameless Attempts To Cash In On 9/11

10 Stories About Donald Trump You Probably Will Believe Are True Because He’s A Colossal Asshole

The Craziest Mayan Apocalypse Theories

Legal and/or Crime

The 7 Stupidest Alibis In The History Of Crime

7 Of The Worst Legal Defenses Ever Attempted

The 6 Stupidest Police Standoffs Of All Time

7 Stupid People Who Sued The Scientific Method

The 7 Most Ridiculous Criminal Excuses Of All Time

9 Insane Cases That Prove The US Legal System Is Screwed – including one of the reasons I love working with photoshoppers:


The 7 Most Terrifying Sex Toys Ever Patented

The 7 Creepiest Inventions Ever Patented For The Crotch

The 7 Craziest Boob Inventions

The 7 Most Absurd Inventions In The History Of Alcoholism

9 Self-Defense Gadgets Your Mugger Will Find Hilarious


The 5 Types Of Sociopath Invented By The Internet

The 7 Most Overused Words On The Internet

How Archie’s Gay Friend Proved The Internet Can Do Good

5 Online Petitions That Prove Democracy Is Broken

6 Reasons Writing For The Internet Is The Best Job Ever

Forum Safety Tips

From N00B to Nerd: The 4 Stages Of Life On The Internet

The 5 Most Annoying Banner Ads On The Internet

Internet Safety Tips – still one of the most stolen things I’ve ever written, followed by Tattoo Translations and Zombie Emergency Procedures.

The Tattoo piece is particularly hilarious because of the people who scream at me. Loads of my friends have tattoos. Tattoos are fantastic, as long as you choose something you care about or enjoy. If someone’s permanent upgrade to their own body can be unsettled by a random asshole on the internet, maybe they’re not as confident as they claim.


7 Tips For Not Screwing Up College

The 7 Dumbest Things Students Do When Cramming For Exams


The Rules (Of A Crazy, Woman-Hating Cult)

5 Books That Can Actually Make You Stupider



7 Things Nobody Tells You About Moving To A New Country

5 Ways To Save Olympic Wrestling

The 5 Most Obnoxious Ways People Screw Up Apologies

7 Non-economic Explanations Of China’s Economy

8 Insulting Ways People Act ‘Irish’ On St. Patrick’s Day

6 Objective Reasons The US Army Should Invade BP

The 5 Most Ridiculous Causes People Are Actually Fighting For

9 Devices That Are Clearly Compensating For A Small Penis

5 Books That Can Actually Make You Stupider

6 Reasons The 70s Should Have Killed Us All

Making New Years’ Resolutions That Work

Warnings For 2012’s Most Dangerous Halloween Costumes

Man Up With The Adventurists!

The 4 Most Unsporting Olympic Medalists



2 thoughts on “COMEDY

  1. your Irish Jaeger piece is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read in years. IN AWE and following!

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