Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.
Whiskey is proof technology does too, and is better at it.

The first half of Drink & Food, and you’d be surprised at how many people get those backwards.  I’m an Irishman with two Masters degrees in science, meaning I’m genetically, socially and academically trained to drink.

Online articles here, scroll down for articles in print magazines.

The Spirit of Spirits

The Spirit of Spirits

How Maker’s Mark Self-Destructed and the Internet Set Them Straight

The Whiskey Barrier

Proven by Alcohol! The Best Bond Actor is … 

How to Make the Most of a Beer Festival

“Have Another Beer”

Why Vodkatinis Are Actually A Good Thing

Mixing Drinks

5 Winter Cocktails for Fighting the Cold

4 Horrifying Halloween Cocktails You Must Try

Starter Citrus Drinks

4 Impressive Cocktails You Can Mix With Ease

The Man’s Guide to Mixing

First We Make Manhattans

Going Green With Proper St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Digital Drinks Assistance

Spiritual Strategies

How to Beat Hangovers like a Viking

Drink and Food

Beer Pairings With Your Holiday Meal (aka Christmas Booze)

7 Smart Systems for Cool Summer Drinks

6 Spectacular Coffee Systems

Develop Your Kitchen Cunning

The Benefits of Booze

How Beer Built Civilization (CHILL 51, Oct/Nov 2011) 

Relaxing with a beer isn’t just the high point of civilisation, it was the starting point too.

How beer makes you a better person, and not just in the usual “more confident and devastatingly attractive” ways. Reducing heart attacks, fighting diabetes and avoiding dementia ways! (This one turned out to be very popular with radio interviews, as everyone likes to hear external voices agreeing with the internal one telling you to have one.)
Drinking Madness
Liquid Hardware

Drinking Experiments

If you’re looking for the crazy drink experiments from ZUG, alas, the site was shut down recently. Disappearing into the inky black of forgetfulness might be realistic for drinking adventures, but it’s not fun, so I’ll be reposting the experiments here in the future.

In Print/ The Dead Tree Rounds

Some of my drink articles from the magazines. If you’re interested in flat plants talking about fermented ones, or digital magazines, you can check out:

TAPS is Canada’s number one beer magazine – so number one that it’s recently stopped saying “Canada” in that sentence as it expands into the US. TAPS is also available online at Zinio, so get buying and reading!
Famous Names In Brewing (TAPS Fall 2013)
Some of the smartest scientists in history were all about the beer.
Bringing Beer Into Your Man Cave (TAPS July 2012)
Beer already makes your brain better, so why not improve your whole environment?
The Great Gods Of Beer (TAPS Winter 2011)
Gods are useful, that’s why we have so many! Every major civilization has had a pantheon, from vaguely relaxed everything-spirits through bossy schoolteachers to soap operas about incest and killing each other. Gods provide excuses to celebrate, help when times are hard, and offer to take some of your problems away; by that definition beer itself is a god, which is why many cultures worshipped deities whose entire job description was telling us, ‘Beer is great!’

The True Names Of Taste (TAPS Fall 2011)

Fall 2011 is where I realize you don’t need a dictionary of flavors or a paint catalog to find new ways of saying “amber.” Science names things properly, and can even incant why beer tastes so good.
Craft Brewing At The Cellular Level (TAPS Summer 2011)
Celebrating super-science applied to alcohol, with genetic engineering, anti-cancer chemicals, and the knowledge that technology makes absolutely everything better.

Science Goes To Your Head. (TAPS Winter 2010-11)
All about the science of suds.  Pick up an issue for the theory, and a pint for the practical.

Beer Magazineappearing at your newstands or through digital subscriptions with all the latest news in Beer.


Brilliant Bottle Openers
I single-handedly save a thousand teeth, a million table edges, and three reality series worth of embarrassment by researching bottle openers too cool to lose. From Pacman to space-bending mathematics, there’s nothing which won’t help you drink if you really want to. The Nov/Dec 2011 issue assisting me can be found in print or bought and enjoyed online right here.

The Wild World of Yeast
Featuring time-traveling beer, cyborg vampire cells, bomb-detecting cells and even a journey to the moons of Mars.  It’s all in Beer Mag #16, and if you missed it at the newsagents you  can preview or buy right a digital version right here.

Beer Gadgets
An odyssey of incredibly alcoholic inventions in Beer Mag #14.  From the fastest pour in the world, through a arcade keg cabinet to a beer-blasting backpack and a robot butler, you can check it out (and buy the issue) right now.

The Future Of Beer
The future arrives in Beer Mag #12, along with a Solar Powered Brewery, Sapporo’s Space Brew (which was in fact in space), and even an anti-cancer alcohol.  Because SCIENCE, that’s why!  Behold the majesties of the mind here.

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