Seven years of professional video game writing for sites including,,, the CBS Man Cave, and five years writing a weekly gaming column for Many of my articles have gone viral. News, features, comedy or gloriously nerdy overanalysis, I can play it, write it, and get hits for it.

Video Games

The 5 Worst Video Game Reviews Ever

The 4 Most Hated Characters In Video Game History

The Truth Behind Gears of War “Judgement”

6 Signs Your Love Of Starcraft Goes Too Far

6 A-Holes You Meet In Every Online Game

6 Reasons A Great Game Developer Just Went Bankrupt – Turbospeed, brave THQ, go to your rest knowing that Saints’ Row 4 is still coming.

The Ghostbusters Are Back!

The 14 Worst Boobs In The History Of Video Games

6 Video Games That Just Didn’t Get It (And 6 That Did)

4 Fantastic Twin-Stick Shooters

6 Street Fighters We Want To See In Street Fighter x Tekken

Why Kickstarter Won’t Affect Mainstream Gaming (And That’s Okay)

Romance-Killers: Video Games That Want You Single

Videogame System Swansongs – Some beloved systems died like Elvis

5 Reasons Bowser Is The Most Successful Game Character Ever

9 Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years To Find

Super Tecmo Bet: Predicting The Super Bowl With Video Games

7 Games That Gave You The Best Weapon Right At The Start

The 8 Worst Gaming Publicity Pictures

The 7 Most Insane Things Video Games Have Been Blamed For

8 Games That Were All A Dream

The 7 Scariest Sex-Game Devices

Attack Of The Free Games!

The 8 Most Embarrassing Ads for Gaming Colleges

7 Stupid Flaws Removed From Kickass Games

Disastvertising: The Worst In Gaming PR

Lame Fighter 2: The World’s Worst Warriors

Awfulchievements: The Worst Achievements Ever

Vendor Trash: The Top 10 Worst World of Warcraft Cash-Ins

The 6 Most Pointless Game Controllers

6 Ways To Make Every Video Game Better

The Craziest Kinect Contraptions (and How They’ll Destroy Humanity)

5 Jerks You Want To Kill In Every Video Game

Expensive Item Idiocy

The 5 Most Absurdly Expensive Items In Online Gaming

The 10 Most Insulting Things Video Games Charged Money For

Gaming’s Worst Collector’s Editions

The Dick Move Odyssey

The 7 Most Impressive Dick Moves In Online Gaming History

The 6 Most Spectacular Dick Moves In Online Gaming History

The 7 Most Elaborate Dick Moves In Online Gaming History

The 7 Biggest Dick Moves In The History Of Online Gaming

Truly Terrible Video Games

Crackdown 2

Onechanbara: Japanese Bikini Samurai Squad – I still insist it should have been impossible to screw this up.

6 Reasons The ‘Resident Evil’ Movies Are Better Than The Games

Truly Terrible Video Game Movies

These live over on the Movies page. Enjoy!

Board Games

6 Board Games That Ruined It For Everyone

The Best iPad Board Games

Lowpings articles and the Gaming Experiments

Alas, Lowpings dropped their article section a while back. I have no plans to resurrect these pieces unless there’s one someone misses.

ZUG took down their entire everything a while back, but I’m bound to get the gaming experiments online again some day.

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