SCIENCE! It’s what’s for dinner, and why you’re sure of having dinner, and why you’re even alive and able to read this.

Science is why everything is always getting better despite 90% of everyone being an idiot.


Space is the real starting point of the human race, so it’s a shame we’re sitting on the starting line picking our noses and watching reality TV specials about people who pushed too far and hit brain.

Luckily, some people keep kicking ass anyway.

The 5 Most Badass Things Ever Done in Space

The Men on the Moon Were Even Cooler Than You Know

6 Mind Blowing Things Nobody Taught You About Black Holes

3 More Landings Which Make Neil Armstrong The Ultimate Man

5 Astronauts More Badass Than Any Action Movie Hero

6 Badass Spacecraft Landings Humanity Totally Nailed


Technology is how smart people give their abilities to the other kind of people.

4 Real Science Experiments Clearly Designed By Michael Bay

5 Microscopic Images That Will Blow Your Mind

7 Ridiculous Things People Believe About the ‘God Particle’

6 Man-Made Materials You Won’t Believe Exist

9 Badass Lasers That Prove The Death Star Isn’t Far Off

Biotechnology (that includes you)

Not all science can be space-boosters and laser focusing optics. There’s also quite a lot of gooey stuff, and as sack of gooey stuff, kept alive by goeey stuff, and defined by gooey urges, I find it interesting.

6 Things You Won’t Believe Science Can Do With DNA

The 7 Most Mind-Blowing Places Science Has Discovered Life

7 Scientific Ways Coffee Gives You Super Powers

7 Kickass Sci-Fi Strategies To Tackle Cancer

6 Scientific Reasons Social Networks Are Bad For Humanity

6 Studies That Prove Reality TV is Causing the Apocalypse

Science Madness

Some people think science is wrong, and then use a global supercomputer network and satellite systems to advertise the fact. They’re not very smart.

The 4 Craziest Scientific Theories Posed By U.S. Politicians

7 Stupid People Who Sued The Scientific Method

Science Awesome

The opposite of the people above, because science is a one-way valve for human progress: the smart people make things permanently better, while the stupid can only slow it down for a bit right now.

The 6 Most Badass Stunts Ever Pulled In The Name of Science

5 Recent Scientific Advances (And How They’ll Destroy Us All)

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