I’ve written hundreds of articles over the last seven years. You can find categories under the “ARTICLES” tab above, or enjoy a highlight from each here:

GAMING:  The 7 Biggest Dick Moves In Online Gaming History

Humanity’s urge to discover the limits of what’s possible, and to piss all over our rivals in the process, unleashed on endless virtual worlds. 6 million views and still climbing, simulated schadenfreude knows no bounds.

SCIENCE: 6 Man-Made Materials You Won’t Believe Exist

I don’t set the headlines, I just get to talk about positronium annihilation gamma-ray lasers and the heaviest element ever made.

DRINK: What’s The Perfect Martini Ratio?

A question more heavily researched than the mass of the Higgs boson, and more useful in finding the meaning of everything.

EXPERIMENTS: The Homeopathy Experiment

I often subject myself to silliness for scientific purposes. Learning the truth behind homeopathy does involve quite a lot of toilet.

MOVIES: 7 Baffling Moments From The Worst Video Game Movie Ever Made

I will never pretend that I don’t enjoy these terrible movies. I will never pretend that makes me sane.

COMICSThe Dark Knight’s Dumbest Moments Come From His Best Bat-Qualities

Not going to lie, this article may have the best closing gimmick I’ve ever written.

OTHERThe Pope’s Last Day Of Work

I’ve written a lot more stuff than I have niches to keep them in. Quite a lot of fun in that section.




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