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  1. So I just read your stupidest defenses against accusations of sexism article (I know, I’m a tad late) and I have just got to say it was awesome, I loved it and you do that very rare thing I believe is called intelligent and logical argument :)

  2. Could you repost your article on learning Chinese on the flight to China? It was hilarious and informative and I was really disappointed to find out it was deleted.

  3. Luke – I saw a chart posted on facebook on the subject of giving credit to artists. At the bottom was your name and I would like to use the chart in my blog but first wanted to check with you about the originator and permission to use. Seems like the right thing to do – since the chart has to do with giving the proper credit to an artist.. Many thanks.

  4. im sorry but these guys are making fun of you so hard

    • Thanks, anonymous nobody! There I was responding to people who posted coherent messages, but your casual unsupported dismissal, use of memeslang instead of a name, and utter inability to so much as figure out capital letters have convinced me of your absolute authority.

  5. I just read “Why Shia LaBeouf Is Hollywood’s New King of Jerks”, and I must say I am blown away. That is a piece of epic disdain, made even more worthwhile because LaBeouf so richly deserves it. I’m not famous, but should you ever feel the need to write me up that way, please do. I’d be honored to be so eloquently mocked.

  6. I have an idea for an article which mixes quantum mechanics and time travel, but I don’t know hardly anything about physics so I cant write it myself. The premise is, if you were to go back in time, then immediately return to the future, the world would be hugely changed because quantum mechanics means there is luck in the universe, and therefore that which was affected by this probability would be possibly changed. Then you throw in some butterfly affect for good measure, and everything gets affected. Anyways, the pop culture thing I would explain it with is how many variables there is with conception, so every baby could likely (i think? i haven’t studied this) be born by a different sperm. Every single person born could look and act completely different, so the new star trek movies having a completely different looking cast makes sense.
    Anyways, I don’t know if you want to make this, but if you don’t could you send this to someone who does?

    • If you have an idea, the best way to develop it is to have some fun writing it yourself! I know you say you can’t, but nobody can until they try it. And if that means learning more about some fun things in the process, that’s even better. I do a ton of research for any of my articles, even ones on subjects I’ve already learned about.

      So start writing up little bits of your idea, and enjoy it!

  7. Hi! I recently read your article on Shia LaBeouf being a huge jerk. Definitely agree on that one! I’m a K-12 School Librarian in Ohio and I was wondering if I could use the article for a copyright lesson, but take out the cussing (unfortunately schools tend to frown upon that!)

  8. Luke,
    I read your column “6 Ways a Creationist Textbook Sabotaged Science”. It was very illuminating. Would you please tell me which edition of BJU’s Science 4 textbook that had the dubious lesson on electricity? I would like to use it to strengthen my argument against ever homeschooling my children.

  9. You are the funniest writer I have ever come across!!

    I read your article on Putin after your “…Uses of quantum..” article and I’m still laughing 15 minutes later

  10. I really enjoyed your recent article on Cracked – “8 A$$#oles Who Show Up Every Time the Word Feminism is Used”

    I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome. :)

  11. Thank you so much for your perfectly-worded article, “8 Things Some A$$#ole Says In Every Debate About Sexism.” I think you don’t give yourself enough credit for something, though.

    You say, “As a guy writing on the Internet, I’m not the right demographic to tell you about feminism….”

    First, I and all of my friends who have read and shared your article wish that in many, many instances of sexism we’ve faced in our lives we’d had the right words/presence of mind to respond exactly as you did. The responses and explanations you gave were right on the money, giving voice to precisely what was wrong with the situations and saying it in a way that would be hard to improve on.

    Second, you have no idea how validating it feels to read this article/hear these words from a guy. It’s sadly a fact of life that men’s opinions will be regarded in higher esteem than a woman’s (often, even by other women), and that goes for opinions on sexism. Some of my favorite feminist friends are men; one is on the board of a feminist charity. We need all the allies we can get, regardless of their gender.

    I think your observations of the challenges women face in the types of people who derail discussions of sexism are spot-on, and you’re more than adequate to the task of discussing feminism.

    So, thank you again for the article. It’s being passed around a lot in my circle and we’re enjoying it very much.

    Keep up the good work!



  12. I just read ‘8 Things Some A$$#ole Says in Every Debate About Sexism’. Very very intelligent and smart. It made my morning. And your earlier response to ‘seems legit’ of December 2013 just tops it of. :) Keep it up!

  13. I was reading your article “The 5 Worst Flaws In Video Game Crafting Systems” on cracked and I swear I’m not usually one to shill, but when I got to the part about vehicle customization, specifically “Crafting would mean letting us build a car with a hundred wheels. Or no wheels and a load of rocket boosters…” I immediately thought of Robocraft, a game predicated around exactly that.

    Now, it’s early access at the moment, which I know is a bit of a minefield of disappointment lately, but it’s had consistently positive reviews and the devs seem really active. I haven’t personally played in a while, because it’s a little resource intensive for my setup.

    Don’t know if you’d be interested but it seemed to fit the specifications so well.

  14. Luke, I just read your excellent article, “7 Incredibly Biased Arguments Against Gun Control”. Very well written and accurate.

    My father-in-law uses every single one of the arguments you listed to rationalize his stockpiling of weapons and ammunition. If anyone says anything against guns, he gets very very angry. You can’t change his view either.

    Well, thank you for your excellent article. I should clandestinely send it to my father-in-law, but it would be like sending binoculars to a blind man.

  15. Hi Luke,

    I just finished reading your Cracked article “5 atheist arguments which aren’t helping anyone.” I enjoyed the article, and it reminded me of a book that I read and also thoroughly enjoyed – “A manual for creating atheists” by Peter Boghossian. A very entertaining and thoughtful read that gets at the heart of how to effectively engage with individuals when discussing matters of faith and religion. Perhaps you’re already familiar with the work. Anyway, thanks again for the interesting article; I hope you do some additional writing on the topic.

    Tyson Kurtenbach

  16. I greatly enjoyed your article “7 Ways Batman Is Objectively Better Than Superman”. I am conducting a college debate on the subject (seriously) and would like to ask you a question or two, if you have a moment. Thank you

  17. I also just read the article you wrote called “8 Things Some A$$#ole Says in Every Debate About Sexism” and it was utterly brilliant. Mr. McKinney, you are fantastic. I would like to suggest you turn your article “8 Things Some A$$#ole Says in Every Debate About Sexism” into a TED Talk. I think it would be very well-received. I have just now discovered your writing and will be paying much more attention to what you have to say in the future.

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