You behold the beginning of the new site! Or, more likely, have reached its end, having scrolled through time to defeated it (and thanks for checking everything to get here!)

This is the brand new hub for all things me. I’ve already claimed the Electronic Throne of Me (where you’re the top google result for your own name), but since my parents were too careless to call me something sexily keywordy like “Jack Hammer”, I need a page to point to.

This guy!

This guy!

This site will have links to most things I’ve written, brand new written things right here, daily updates, and that most daring of upgrades: comments. Comments are generally regarded as the diaper of the internet: full of the inevitable result of digesting new material, but not something you’d want to look into, and definitely not something the average adult should need. But I’ve found that most people who direct message me are brilliant, while the hate-spewing anii stick to anonymous article comments. We’ll see which end of the spectrum being able to direct-comment me brings.

This site’s second function  is turbocharging. Writing is a ramjet engine: the faster you go, the faster you go, and daily updates means short-circuiting the almost endless iterations before I bite the bullet and upload something. Writing for fun means unlocking and expanding. Writing professionally means MORE and FASTER. Which, you’ll notice, is also fun. So this site should take a few of the safeties off. Fun!

6 thoughts on “BEHOLD!

  1. Behold, a comment! Though I actually just wanted to make sure your first comment wasn’t one of those internet ruffians complaining about how one of your articles insulted their mothers or whatnot. Anyway, congratulations on your shiny new site! Consider your ship officially bonked with a champagne bottle.

    • Many thanks! I appreciate your knowledge of the internet, and determination to make it a good place anyway. And after the champagne bottle, the beer bottle, and the whiskey, and the whiskey, and i luv you buddy yur mabessfrenn …

  2. My god. All your friends have been pixelated! Possibly as a reaction to the shininess of that shirt!

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